Fire Performance of Concrete Tunnel Lining(s) – Student Study

My father was a secondary school teacher at Presentation College Bray, in County Wicklow … so I have always had a soft spot for education … especially life-long education.

Education is the key to a far deeper and more enriched experience of life !


Very often these days … we receive Queries from Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Students at Universities and Institutes of Technology … and not just in Ireland !

This was an interesting one recently …

My name is … and I am a Final Year Student in … , studying B.Eng Hons. Civil Engineering.  For my dissertation, I am completing a study on Concrete Tunnel Linings in Fire.  I was hoping to carry out a case study on the Dublin Port Tunnel for my Project.  Have you any advice on the topic ?   Any help would be appreciated.

My response … bearing in mind that it is the student, himself/herself, who must do the hard work …

A few things come to mind right now …

There is a lot of information out there about the Real Fire Performance of Concrete Tunnel Lining(s).  You have to access as much of that information as practicable … in detail !   Pay very close attention to that information.

Next … please check out this Page on our Corporate WebSite … … in order to approach the subject from the viewpoint of Concrete Spalling being a Fire Serviceability Limit State.

Don’t waste your time looking at fire protection products which are applied to the surface of the concrete … this avoids the substantive (fire engineering) issues involved here.

And … what about the Effective Repair of Fire-Damaged Concrete Tunnel Lining(s) ?

Some Innovative (Fire Engineering) Design Recommendations would be a nice result from your work !

Good luck with the dissertation.


Would anybody else have some suggestions ?




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