Still unacceptable under European Union Primary Legislation

Update on MACLAREN Baby Strollers in the European Union

Further to the previous post concerning MACLAREN Baby Strollers

Maclaren will provide hinge cover safety kits for all new European Union (E.U.) consumers.  From some unspecified date at the beginning of 2010 … which could be January, February, March, or even later … all new pushchairs in shops around Europe will have the hinge covers as a standard accessory.  I wonder … will there be a cost for this accessory item ?   And, on the ground … who will monitor what is happening … to ensure that there is a high level of consumer protection ?

After a meeting held in Brussels, on 3rd December 2009, with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maclaren USA, Mr. Farzad Rastegar … European Union Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva welcomed the decision by Maclaren to provide all existing European consumers … on request only … with hinge cover safety kits for their pushchair buggies.

Earlier … in a letter, dated 30 November 2009, to Commissioner Kuneva … Mr. Samuel McQuigg, Managing Director of Maclaren Hong Kong had written …

” The safety of children and peace of mind for parents have always been the top priorities at Maclaren.  We hereby confirm that Maclaren are providing the hinge cover safety kits upon consumer request for strollers already in the global market.

 All new strollers shipping as of January 2010 will have the hinge covers as a standard accessory included as part of the package.  The effective date of this production change is pending confirmation of lead times with our manufacturing group.  We can assure you these actions are well underway and we continue to act in a proactive manner.

Yours sincerely, “


Too many chiefs !   All very vague !!   Still unacceptable under European Union Primary Legislation, i.e. the E.U. Treaties !!!